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Bildungs- und Seminarzentrum Neukirch – your partner for languages, computer courses,
private teaching and competence development in Trier

You’ll be pleased with our seminars and one-to-one lessons. Guaranteed. We want make sure that you’ll be able to transfer your new knowledge into practice, therefor our work is efficient, thorough and application-oriented.

As your competent partner for further training we are certified by AZAV and ISO 9001. We offer not only language courses, private teaching for pupils and students, extensive preparation for exams and computer courses, but also workshops on studying, communication and applications. Hence test anxiety and learning difficulties are in the past and won’t be a problem again.

Here, in our learning studio we accompany pupils and students in attaining school and academic education. Our professional and pedagogical trained teachers support pupils and student in every
possible subject in our private teaching, especially by imparting suitable learning strategies. Learning how to work indepently is very important for us.

Bildungs- und Seminarzentrum Neukirch – your partner for languages courses in Trier and
surrounding areas

In the field of language education we offer courses in 16 different languages. You may undergo language courses from level A1 to C2 for private reasons as well as for further education. By handing you a certificate according to the European Reference Frameworks after sucessfully finishing your course you’ll receive a corresponding verification.

In our courses for business communication you’ll learn the relevant competences for whatever field of work you might need them in. Trained teachers and native speakers will help you with your language skills. Individual subjects and special needs according to your job will be worked on in our language courses. Intensiv communication training will ensure the transfer from new knowledge into practice.

New skills in working with computers – computer courses in Trier and surrounding areas

Today it’s very important to be able to work with the newest computer programms which you’ll learn in our computer courses. Not only will you be able to use the Microsoft Office Packet including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook, but also you’ll learn about data and virus protection as well as using the World Wide Web and programming languages such as Java, SPSS and VBA. Also, training in how to use tablets, mobile phones, e.a. are available. Our ten-finger-writing-courses allow you to write quickly and efficently on any kind of technology.

Did all this make you curious? Are you interested in finding the right course for you? Just contact us and get to know us!