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Good prospects for your future sucess:

Interdisciplinary competences – intuitive studying in fitted learning arrangements in formal as well as informal structures.

Do you think you’re not as sucessful as you could be? Do you wonder how you can evolve even further with expedient and grand ease and joy? Do you wish to unfold your unused potential?
It’s easy to speed up your personal development and achieve even more sucess with the offers from the Bildungs- und Seminarzentrum Neukirch. The new offers give a chance to devise your competences in different fields, especially beyond classic work- und education-structures. We support you with opening up your personal possibilities and competences, which you may use in order to enter the working world through new activities and skills.
To obtain these achievements, you’ll already be confronted with the framework conditions of your future job during our courses. This way you’ll be able to try and learn during the learing process how to handle the specific demands your job requires. You’ll also learn how to work on your own by taking part in organizing your learning process with help from your teacher. This also secures fitted and personalized learning situations.


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