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EDV-Schule: from Office-programs to Java and SPSS

At our studio you’ll find solutions for all technical questions and problems, starting with being able to write with all ten fingers to programming, or simply everyday use of a computer.

Technical support – e.g. the set-up of your computer or your internet access – are a part of our offers. Our EDV-School teaches you, wether you’re a beginner or an expert, a pupil, employee or a senior. Regardless of your knowledge base we try to work out a solution to whatever problem you may experience with your computer. We offer training courses for the classic MS-Office-Programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as courses for working with softwares, which include Mac Os (Apple), Windows or Android. For advanced we also offer specialised courses in programming languages, e.g. Java, HTML, SPSS and VBA. Special Courses like SolidWorks (CAD) can be given on request.


Working confidently with IT – our EDV-courses will help you

Are you interested in the many options image editing can offer? In our „Adope Photoshop“ – and „Adope Lightroom“ – courses we offer the opportunity for advanced to get to know new techniques. Or maybe you want to learn how to write quickly and effectivly on a keyboard by using ten fingers? In our crash courses, which only last 5 hours, everybody is able to learn to write perfectly in an easy way.

Do you want to train your employees or apprentices specifically? With our business courses we offer computer trainings for companies in Trier and its surrounding areas. You can choose between inhouse trainings or in our computer school.

Special courses for elderly are also part of our offers, using our or your own technical devices (mobile phones, Laptops, a.s.o.).

Already after a few hours you’ll not only be able to understand, but also to use phrases like „cloudcomputing“ or „mobile-computing“. In our learning studio we also work with beginners to help them discover computers and the World Wide Web. Our courses are perfectly fitted to every kind of experiences you may bring in and to help you become skilled in your individual speed of learing.

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