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Private lessons, that lift the spirit

Optimal private lessons for each type of school and grade – We help with every difficulties you may face in school with our holistic private lessons

In school a lot of different types of learners come together in one unified system. Thus, external circumstances cause learning dufficulties, which make it impossible to take learning conditions and strategies and the personal needs of pupils into account. Therefor we offer private lessons for each subject, each grade and each type of school with professional and pedagogical trained teachers to assist pupils with those obstacles. Sucess in school is not only a matter of intelligence, but in particular a matter of motivation and learning strategies. Our teachers take this into consideration and work systematically with differentiated methodes, in order to help each pupil to be able to work on his/ her own, especially in cases of concentration disorders and learning difficulties such as ADHS, dyslexia or autism. By this means, every pupil receives individual support to exploit his/ her full potential.

Preparation for exams through systematical and effective private lessons

Die nächste Klassenarbeit steht an? Oder es geht mit Riesenschritten zum Abitur? Das Thema der anstehenden Klausur bereitet Probleme und Kopfzerbrechen? Wir bereiten Schüler und Schülerinnen, Auszubildende und Studenten gezielt auf Prüfungen sowie Einstellungstest

Is your next class test coming up? Is the topic of your next test causing problems? Are you graduating from high school? We help pupils, trainees and students to prime for exams and recruitment tests, either in schools, vocational schools or universities, so that you can achieve your qualification sucessfully. Wether it may be in small groups or one-to-one lessons, we always make efforts to encourage our pupil’s personality, to reduce test anxiety and to help them achieve the best possible results by taking the individual strenghts into account.

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