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Christian Neukirch

Ihr Ansprechpartner für folgenden Themen:

Beratung, Angebotserstellung, EDV und Firmenschulungen, Rechnungserstellung und Buchhaltung





Andrea Hüser

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Beratung, Terminverwaltung, Ablaufplanung, Angebotserstellung




Auszubildende im Sekretariat:

Nora Meyer

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für folgende Themen:

Terminverwaltung, Ablaufplanung



In todays modern society requirements in the working world are rising steadly. Globalisation and technical advancement lead to employments with even higher standards. Borders between countries are becoming pervious and cultures are starting to blend.

As a result, good education is key. To achieve the best possible learning transfer we offer you support fitted to your personal needs. Our learning studio stands for quality and fairness, which means to us fulfilling the highest aspirations and standards.

It’s important for us to create a pleasant learning atmosphere. Appealing and functional rooms and qualified teachers make sure to give you the best learning experience. You’ll be surprised about how easily and quickly you’ll be able to learn!


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